finally, snowfall

When you live in New England, you expect snowfall in the winter months. Lots of snow. When it fails to show, it doesn't feel like a true winter. When it arrives later than expected, it's all the more fun!

We recently took a quick jaunt to New Hampshire to go tubing and simply surround ourselves with a different scene and lots of snow. The mountain views were shot either from our room or from the side of the road (thank you to my hubs for pulling over!) We also stopped by the seaside town of Swampscott to visit cousins. The waves crashing upon a pebbled beach offered much inspiration and probably too many film exposures.

Below are my captures from my Yashica Mat 126G with Kodak Portra 400 film rated at box speed and metered with the internal light meter. The Find Lab developed auto-scans and I'm loving how they turned out.

I'll post photos from my other film cameras too. Keeping the photos from each camera separate so I may share the differences with you and we may learn together!

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