I'm Jen Johnson, mom, wife, photographer, and lover of a good story. I have many years invested in my photography craft. I want to put all this know-how to use in documenting your moments with an artful eye.

a bit about me...

I live by the sea with my husband, two sons, and our water-loving dog. I grew up on both the east coast in Massachusetts and the west coast in Northern California. I traveled between these two homes quite often as a child. Traveling alone at such a young age fostered a natural introverted character and ability to be a quiet observer of those around me.

I was first a writer and relied on words to conjure images. Poetry, food writing, blogs...I wrote anything that sparked a tale I felt compelled to share. Then, in 2005, I picked up a camera to take photos to accompany my food writing. Thousands of exposures later, I took the plunge from a 9-5 marketing job to a dream position at a magazine as a food and lifestyle photographer. I was also documenting my growing family through photos. Soon, friends started asking if I'd take their family photos too.

Now, I am primarily documenting families in all stages of life from engagement to wedding to maternity to high school senior portraits. For every session, I aim to photograph moments that will help my clients remember that period of time and its importance.

I trust in moments that unfold organically. There’s fun to be had and lots of emotion and it’s these elements that are rekindled years from now when you look over your photos. The laughs, the tears, the energy, and exhaustion — I strive to capture all of it.

I know it's not easy setting aside the time and budget for professional photography. I'm honored each time someone reaches out to me to book a session. I also know how it feels to need to revisit a time in life that's long passed and tangible photos help me to do just that. I want you to have that ability too.

Photo by Léa Jones