when you can't find...

the charger for your digital camera, go analog! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we took a few days on the road to New Hampshire and the north shore of Massachusetts. I brought my DSLR, but could not locate my charger and all batteries were almost drained. I knew I'd only be able to grab a few shots. I decided to pack a few of my analog beauties and rolls of film, excited by the opportunity to shoot more film than digital.

My husband gifted me with a Canon EOS-1V for Christmas. This trip was my first opportunity to use it. As I rely on my internal light meters for all of my cameras, I was nervous to shoot with it while on this trip. I didn't know if I was properly exposing the film and I didn't want to ruin any moments that I captured...I am extremely happy with how the photos came out though. I'm still learning the camera, but the focus is sharp, and the bokeh is dreamy.

The 1V photos are posted first. The photos shot with the Canon AT-1 are posted next, starting with the out-of-focus beach shot. Both cameras were loaded with Kodak Portra 400 rated at 200 instead of box speed.