Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a mom of two little-ish dudes, wife (aka hostess) of a restaurateur, professional photographer, and a lover of a good story. I have many years invested in my photography craft and want to put this know-how to use in documenting your moments with an artful eye.

I was first a writer and relied on words to conjure images. I wrote anything that sparked a tale I felt compelled to share. Then, in 2005, I picked up a camera to take photos for a blog I was writing. Thousands of exposures later, I took a dream position at a magazine as a food and lifestyle portrait photographer. 

Now, I'm grateful to be running a photography business. My portrait clients are families and couples looking for fun, casual, heartfelt, organic, and truthful photos that they'll cherish together for many years to come.

photo of us by: Léa Jones

Some tidbits about me...

Where I'm from

I was born in Northern California and moved to Massachusetts in grade school. I enjoyed a "bicoastal youth" splitting time between my parents' homes on opposite coasts. I spent many plane rides quietly observing the strangers that surrounded me in my solo travels -- training for my storyteller mind, perhaps?

Current obsession

Although I primarily am a digital photographer, I am smitten with analog cameras and film. I often photograph my family (and clients, upon request) using vintage cameras with 35mm and 120mm film. See below for some captures.

Where you'll find me

In the kitchen! I was a food blogger for many years and love to develop my own recipes on the fly. I especially delight in cooking all day long in order to feed a large gathering.

My most random something(s)

I once was an extra in the movie 21, a stand-in in a Tina Fey commercial, and was called in to audition for the role the lovely Blake Lively played in the movie, The Town.

personal photos on 35mm & 120mm film